Saturday, April 22, 2006

Click here to see what we bought in Kamloops today! It should be delivered in about a week.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Big Smoke

It has been a productive week, clearing, burning & fencing. The posts are all in & we're ready to start putting the page wire on. There's an area for a corral, and for a dog run. Once the fencing is done, the next project is the barn. Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 14, 2006

An old shed on N. Bonaparte Road, east of Green Lake.

Meet Rupert

Rupert is an 8 year old miniature donkey - he's going to be Buck's friend (and Mike's - they're very fond of each other already). He'll be coming to live with us as soon as our cross-fencing is done. Some of his hobbies appear to be rolling in mud and eating carrots. He's ever so cute.


We have a pair of hawks nesting in an Aspen tree near our back fence!! We first saw them last weekend, but didn't know they were using the nest, which we first discovered last spring. It appeared to be abandoned. On Wednesday, we saw one of the pair carrying a stick to the nest, and they have been there ever since. They're very vocal. My project now is to identify the species. We're going to stay away from the area as much as we can, but need to go back there to untangle and remove some old barbed wire from a rotted fence before we bring Buck and "friend" home.


I was in Williams Lake yesterday, for work...and the first thing I noticed was it was the only body of water I'd seen since moving that wasn't frozen. Driving home...the ice had come off of Lac La Hache during the day - frozen in the morning, no sign of ice by the afternoon. Strange.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Friend for Buck

We've found a friend for Buck...but you'll have to wait till Friday for details and pictures!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

To celebrate my 45th(!) birthday yesterday, Mike and I packed a lunch, loaded the dogs into the truck, and headed down Hwy 97 to Big Bar Lake Road - destination: The Gang Ranch. The Bilbo's Bog sign was outside someone's home on BBL Road, the cows were the welcoming committee at the Gang Ranch. We found ourselves surrounded by numerous very large black angus bulls, and decided perhaps we'd seen enough of them. The pic of Mike was taken at Big Bar Lake, the ice will be off the lake in a couple of weeks. Lucy and I had our picture taken at a forestry service campsite - Jasper and Gillis had also been on the table seconds earlier, but wouldn't pose! We spent the day driving along some backroads through and around some fantastic ranches, heading north after the Gang Ranch towards Williams Lake. We saw bighorn sheep on a mountainside, quail, deer, all kinds of birds, and drove by Buck's birthplace, Alkalai Lake. It was a beautiful day in both weather and content, and definitely one of my best birthdays ever. We finished the day with dinner at the Hoof and Harness.