Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Musings from the Past Month...

It seems like just last week I was still grouching about a distinct lack of Spring in our neck of the woods, and suddenly, it's more or less summer! The south Cariboo has a short but sweet spring which gives way to summer (quit looking at the calendar and pointing out that it's not June 21st) in almost a heartbeat.

Things are happening...we have a nifty new chicken house (thanks, Bernie) and when Mike comes home, we will have a nifty chicken run to go with it. We don't yet have chickens...I need to be certain we can properly contain them before getting any. I'm not well versed in the art of chicken procurement, and I'm not certain what the chick and pullet availability season looks like either. I'll add that to my must find out list.

We need to do some fencing to contain the dogs a little better...Rudy should be renamed Houdini...he gets through the fence at will and every once in a while takes it upon himself to visit various neighbours. Jasper needs to be kept out of the pastures because he has become enormously obese from dining on an endless supply of horse and donkey deposits...anyway, to make a long story short, we contacted someone to pound some fence posts for us...he promised to show up at the beginning of the week but we have not yet seen hide nor hair of him. He may eventually turn up...a classic case of operating on "Cariboo Time".

Cariboo Time is very elastic...we're still waiting for an electrician who promised to show up over a year ago (actually we gave up on him after six months). And speak of the devil...a guy who was going to come by a week ago last Sunday to quote on some work for us actually just called as I started on this paragraph...

2009 is shaping up to be a worrisome year in the local forests. There have been two large local wildfires in the past month. Mike and I toured the 70 Mile destruction a couple of weeks ago; the fire followed a very irregular, haphazard path, consuming some homes, but skirting others entirely. Several of my coworkers missed work this past weekend, being on evacuation alert from the Buffalo Creek fire. Yesterday morning when I first let the dogs out I could smell very faint smoke, probably from the Tyaughton Lake fire west of Lillooet...much of our wind blows from the southwest. Dry lightning is forecast for Friday. Every area seems to have its threats...some have to think about earthquakes, or hurricanes, or tornados, or floods; our risk is fire.

I seem to be more caught up in living the life Mike and I have made together than writing about it these days, but that's probably how it should be.

I will post some photos before the weekend, complete with doggy pics for my friend RIV!