Sunday, July 18, 2010

They're Girls!

Backtracking a couple of weeks...I called the hatchery three Mondays ago to explain that my brown leghorn chicks were not brown at all...the nice lady on the other end laughed, said they get calls like that all the time, and that in fact future feathers would emerge brown. And sure enough, that is the case.

We moved the girls to their nifty new chicken house two weeks ago...they are venturing out into their run, and generally doing chicken things on a miniature scale. The dogs are mesmerized by them, and stand at the chicken run staring for hours.
One has lost an eye, I am not sure if she was pecked, but the eye has gradually atrophied during the last week. She is very tentative in her movements but seems to be managing okay...her name is names for the others just yet...can't tell them apart.