Thursday, September 11, 2008


We've been in the South Cariboo nearly three years (already!), and after watching the seasons move several times through their cycle, I am declaring September to be my very favourite month of the year.

I love the cool crisp mornings (we've had frosts nearly every morning for the past two weeks), and I love seeing the subtle changes in the foliage each day. I like that the mosquitoes are gone, and that I can comfortably work outside with a sweatshirt or hoodie on. I like the fall chores...filling the woodshed, cutting kindling, planting the garlic, putting in bulbs, bringing in root vegetable from the garden, and burning branches and roots and that never-ending logging debris. I like knowing that there's enough hay in the hayshed to last until next August. I look forward to getting out my favourite sweaters. Tonight I'll roast my first pan of exclusively home grown root vegetables...potatoes, carrots, onions, parsnips, turnips, rutabagas, and beets...drizzled with olive oil, and flavoured with rosemary.

A few photos from a beautiful September day...




Aspens beginning to turn to gold.


Buck shaking things up.





Sunday, September 07, 2008

Okay, an Update...

One of my faithful readers, "Retired in Vancouver", has gently reminded me I'm overdue in putting up a new post.

We've been busy... Mike and Cody were home for two weeks, the time flew! Thanks to my mom & dad's dogsitting service during their weeklong visit, we were able to enjoy a quick getaway to Jasper, Alberta. We got some of the insulation done in the shop (we need to rent a scissor lift to finish), painted the laundry room and installed our new washer and dryer, we've cut up and hauled windfallen trees, done lots of small scale burning, harvested veggies from the garden, and generally had a nice time. I drove Mike down to Surrey on Wednesday morning as the truck was at Cummins, and he arrived back home Thursday night as he got dispatched to Edmonton & didn't have to deliver till Monday. He and Cody left midmorning today, so they actually had 2 1/2 weeks here.

How are the animals? Well, Buck's leg is almost healed. Rupert is fine, and pleased that Cody has gone trucking again. Both Buck and Rupert are beginning to grow warm coats in readiness for the colder weather that's on its way.

Cody has taken great delight in tormenting Rupert, and is very lucky that he hasn't been kicked. He went to the groomer for a haircut on Saturday as he was getting scruffy. Rumour has it that he sounded like he was being skinned alive while he was being bathed!

Gosh, Rudy is a nice dog. He's been with us for nearly a month...he is very good natured and friendly. We had him at the vet's on Tuesday; he's got a nasty ear infection that he's had since he arrived. It's hard to get an appointment at our vet clinic these days, they are one doc short, as Brian broke his leg a few weeks ago when a horse fell on him. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Anyway, Rudy is getting ear drops and ear washes, and he puts up with it all like a trooper. He'd be completely happy if Lucy didn't spend half her time trying to intimidate him.

Lucy doesn't much care for Rudy yet. She watches his every move, and tries to keep him away from the other dogs.

Dear old Gilly is plodding along. His gait has become a bit odd at times, and he forgets we're outside with him, and barks to get back in the house because he thinks we've abandoned him. He is happy and in no distress. He made many trips to the end of the field with us last weekend.

And Jasper is...Jasper. Goofy as ever.

Molly is keeping the mouse population under control, and doesn't spend much time inside these days.

I've had lots of days off work for the last couple of weeks, and have been back to the grindstone since Friday.

Will put up some photos soon.