Wednesday, August 03, 2011


A lot has changed for Mike and me in the past few months.

First and most importantly, our lovely daughter Jen married her true love Graydon on May 28, and has moved to California for the foreseeable future.

Five years ago, we were certain that Inman Road would be home pretty much forever...but we have moved!  On the second to last day of April, I dragged Mike to see the cutest little log house ever, just 10 minutes away...and on the last day of May, it became ours.  We spent a couple of weeks gradually moving our stuff (of which we have a ton), and on June 17 we became permanent residents in our new home.

So the Inman Road Chronicles will be no more...but I hope you will join me at my new blog Under A Cariboo Sky 

Thank you for sharing a small part of our lives on Inman Road.

Karen xo