Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm Perplexed...

My brown leghorn chicks are growing creamy off-white apparently they are not brown leghorns at all. I will have to check the packing slip to see what the hatchery says they shipped...the box they came in with the packing slip attached is in my office at work. This is going to take some investigation. If they have shipped the wrong breed, they could also have shipped the wrong I'm horrified at the thought of possibly having 26 roosters to contend with. Hell's bells.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Things are carrying on as usual here in Lone Butte. Since mid-May the weather has been generally cool and damp, and today we have had periods of very heavy rain. This has been the wettest late spring and early summer we've had since we arrived here 4 years ago. No complaints though...I'll take this over worrying about forest fires.

We have some new critters...tiny little ones! Yesterday morning I arrived at the feed store to pick up our long awaited chicks; brown leghorn pullets who will be providing us with fresh brown eggs in a few months. The minimum order was 25; we will be keeping about 12; a friend from work will add the rest to her flock when they are a little larger. I'm keeping the chicks at work until tomorrow. The seniors are loving having them around. The chicken run is almost ready for occupancy, Mike and I just need to staple the wire on when he's home. In the meantime, the chicks will be occupying the spare bedroom with a heat lamp to keep them cozy.