Sunday, May 08, 2011

Spring...sort of.

I can report that the last of the snow has finally gone, as of yesterday. Finally.  It was a long, long, winter and thus far a cold, damp spring.  All is well...the garlic is up and about 4 inches tall.  My fall spinach planting experiment worked well, and the spinach is doing its thing too.  No leaves out just yet.  The ice came off of Horse Lake late last week, 36 days later than last year!  The birds are coming back in droves, and although I haven't seen a hummingbird yet, a feederful of high octane syrup is hanging in anticipation.

Critters are all alive and well, except that we lost one chicken a couple of months ago; the others kept attacking her.  I brought her into the house and kept her in Rudy's crate to heal, but the others wouldn't accept her back, and I'm not quite "country" enough to exist with a chicken living indoors over the winter. (It actually wasn't so bad, except she kept kicking woodshavings through the wire door and the dogs tracked it everywhere) I'm not quite "country" enough to put a chicken down either, so a friend had to take care of the dreadful deed.