Sunday, October 23, 2005


Here's Don, hauling trees with his skidder in June.

This spring, several of our large pines were dead. Throughout the Cariboo, the result of the pine beetle infestation is evident everywhere - there are stands of mature pine that last year were alive and well, and this year are dead and brown. Our place was not seriously affected -yet. To be proactive and avoid the inevitable, we contracted Don to selectively log our lot. We were able to sell 8 loads of timber to West Fraser mills. We still have loads of trees, and a lot of immature pine.

In current happenings, the electrical contractor, who seems to have a patent on "Cariboo time", still hasn't gotten back to us. Everything else seems to be on track.

Two more sets of looky-loos are coming to view the house this afternoon. Off to tidy up. Posted by Picasa

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