Monday, November 28, 2005

On Site

Here's our new little early "set up" stage. The crew had to quit work Friday afternoon due to a snowstorm, but they were all back at it this morning at 8 a.m. This was taken just before they all turned up for work.

Mike and I had a great weekend together. I met him at 1130 Saturday morning just as he'd pulled in from work. We climbed a step ladder for a quick tour de house, and then headed into town to buy me...snow boots. One needs snow boots in Lone Butte. Saturday night we had dinner at the Iron Horse with Dori & Gary. Sunday morning we did a tour de fence line, me breaking the trail in my boots, and Mike trudging behind in his lack of snow boots. This morning, after saying good morning to Todd and the crew, we went back into town and bought Mike...snow boots! We are well equipped from the knees down for our first winter that won't consist almost entirely of rain.

This morning at 1130 I kissed my sweety goodbye, and headed south. There were two vehicles upside down in the ditch between 83 Mile and 70 Mile...some folks were in way too much of a hurry. Roads were clear and dry from the Lillooet turnoff to home. Stopped at Ma & Pa's to collect Gilly, and arrived home at 6 pm. Eight more weeks and home will be Lone Butte. Posted by Picasa

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