Monday, February 06, 2006

Lone Wolf

Gillis, it seems, has heard the call of the wild, and much prefers to be out skulking through the woods to lounging indoors. For our first few days here, when we called the dogs in for their breakfast Gillis would cast a glance our way over his shoulder while he trotted off into the forest, deliberately ignoring our calls. He'd wander back midmorning and have breaky. After three mornings of snubbing us and eating when he felt like it, the midmorning brunch offerings were withdrawn, and he either had to come in for breakfast or go without. By day five, coming in for breakfast seemed like a good idea to him. Lucy and Jasper generally stay close, but Gillis often disappears for an hour or two at a time, stalking imaginary prey and enjoying his new-found freedom. Posted by Picasa

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