Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Great Gates!

After several months of wrestling with a length of warped page wire which served as a makeshift gate at the end of the driveway, we finally have two very skookum 10' farm gates installed. We've had 4 loads of gravel delivered for the driveway, which Mike has been gleefully spreading with the tractor, and once we knew the final level of the driveway, we were able to do gates. They're great.

And they're not the only great gates - when Mom & Dad were here, Dad built two super gates - one for the dog run, and one for the pasture.

Burning continues, weather permitting. The loafing shed is taking shape. Things are happening. Things have been happening all along...but now you can actually see progress. Our porch/deck building application has gone to the bureaucratic black hole in Williams Lake, and we hope to have a permit very soon. The building inspector is being a slight @#$%^&, and demanding a field engineering inspection for the shop slab/foundation. Someone is coming to do that on the weekend. Then the shop permit application can join the other one in the bureacratic black hole.

And that's how things stand on Wednesday evening.

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