Saturday, May 06, 2006

Morning Cacaphony

There’s not much better than being outdoors first thing in the morning with a hot mug of tea, and listening to the birds. And what a racket they were making this morning. All the larger varieties seemed to be going at it at once. Pairs and trios of Canada geese kept flying overhead in full voice, the sandhill cranes in the meadow were having long loud conversations, and a pair of ravens seemed to be trying to drown everyone else out. The robins and chickadees were trying to keep things a little more melodic.

Unfortunately, the hawks who were setting up house in the tree by the back fence have found other accommodation, and while we miss them, it’s nice to hear the songbirds again. Things were eerily quiet when the hawks were in residence.


The last week and a half has been a bit of a blur to us. We’re so appreciative of, and grateful to all our family and friends who have been so very supportive through a difficult time. Allegro’s funeral was lovely, and the church overflowed with people who came to honour him.

After three quick trips to the coast, things now seem to be returning to normal, and we’re spending our days outside, mostly burning stumps and debris from clearing. The tractor hasn’t arrived yet; the loader and backhoe attachments have to be shipped from Ontario. It should be delivered around the 10th, we hope.

Stu was asking about burning. To burn large slash piles, you need to obtain a permit for industrial burning, through the Ministry of Forests. There are numerous regulations to follow, and you are only allowed to burn on days when the venting index is good, and is forecast to be good the following day. We’re expecting a ban on industrial burn piles very soon – we have a lot left to burn in the east corner, but this will have to wait till fall, or till there’s snow on the ground. Small fires are allowed without permit provided you have a water source handy and don’t burn near trees etc. We have 300’ feet of hose at the ready. These fires can continue until a complete burning ban is in place.

I have more to say, but will come back this evening. The rain has stopped, and I have a fire to tend.


Anonymous said...

Sandhill cranes????? What birds DON'T you have there?? We miss the eagle cam on Hornby Island, we checked in several times a day and were hoping there would be at least one eaglet (is that what you'd call them?) Are the hawks still nearby, or have they vacated the whole neighbourhood?

Anonymous said...

stupid me, should have signed that post:


Jennifer said...

No penguins, I don't think!