Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What a difference four days makes...

Last Friday morning, we had 4" of snow...today was 30 degrees and sweltering. My mom and dad braved the blizzard, and arrived to snow and mud on Friday...enough to necessitate the lending of rubber boots! Today we're back to dust instead of mud. Mom and dad are camped out in their trailer, and are bravely enduring hot weather and lots of mosquitoes - today is the first day they (the mosquitoes) have been troublesome. Mom has potted up my pansies and done lots of dragging branches and burning, and dad has been burning, cutting wood, and building very nice gates for us. Mike has been playing with his big new toy - the tractor arrived on Thursday afternoon - I'll post pics very soon. We've been working on fencing, burning, and various and sundry other things. Lots to do...lots of time to get it all done.

On Friday afternoon, we were treated to extended moose viewing...mama moose and her last year's calf spent the afternoon lounging in the forest near our back fence. On Sunday night we had a lone moose hanging out near our kitchen window.

More soon.

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