Thursday, September 07, 2006

We've been in chaos for the last few days. On Monday we started taking off baseboards and pulling up carpeting in the living room, hallway and spare room. The nailing strips around the perimeter had to be pried off, and some complete ignoramus had stapled them at a rate of approximately one staple every half inch. Mike and I spent all day Monday sitting on the floor with pry bars and hammers removing the nail strips. Mike finished up Tuesday, and yesterday and today we had nice laminate flooring installed. It's far more dog friendly than carpets. I think it looks pretty nice, and I survived for three days without computer access.

In rural developments...on the weekend Interior Roads sprayed some dust supressant on our street, which has dampened down the dust a bit.

And we now own a log splitter. It has a nifty 5 hp honda engine, and 22 tons of splitting force, in case you like details like that. We'll try it out tomorrow or Saturday.

High on the agenda for next summer is air conditioning. We'll start researching that soon. We cook during the afternoons with our southern exposure. I'm hoping we're nearing the end of the hot days.

The course I was teaching is finished, as of today. I'll attend the little completion cermony tomorrow, and then I'm done! I'm not going to accept any casual work at my other job for a few weeks, so Mike and I can go full steam ahead on our remaining projects. And then, alas, it's time for poor Mike to go to work again.

And in a day or two, I'll take a wander around and post some new pics. (I will, Stu!)

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Anonymous said...

Still waiting patiently for the photos. I'm off on my 200km ride on Saturday. Of course it's going to rain . I'll look for the pics when I'm done the ride.