Saturday, November 25, 2006


Are you kidding? It's too cold to come outside!

It was like waking up inside a postcard this morning. After a heavy snowfall last night, everything looks beautiful. It's -20 outside, and chilly...but in the Cariboo, the air is so dry it doesn't feel that cold. As long as you have a couple of layers on, and warm boots and gloves, it's fine.

Buck and Rupert have gone high tech. I bought them a heated water tub, as it's almost impossible to keep them with a ready supply of water while it's so cold. We cut a hole in the fence, and have half the tub on Buck's side, and half on $100+, they're not getting one each.

Rupert spends most of his time standing inside his shed, and as usual, Buck is snubbing his in favour of standing out in the weather. They each got a warm bran mash for dinner tonight to warm up their insides a little.

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