Monday, January 29, 2007


I heard somewhere that if you cut your own firewood, it warms you seven times.

The first time is when you set out to cut it.

The second time is when you actually cut it.

The third time is when you haul it home.

The fourth time is when you split it.

The fifth time is when you stack it.

The sixth time is when you carry it inside.

And the seventh time is when you burn it.

I think that's true.
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Vic Grace said...

The eighth time is when you have to clean up all the dust in makes.

We heat with wood exclusively and I really only get to bring it in and stack the stove with it, but the dust it makes is unbelievable. We have a Blaze King and it is a great woodstove but much more ash seems to get everywhere. We have several fans operating around the place too to distribute heat so grime gets into everything.