Monday, February 12, 2007

Don't Believe What the Groundhog Tells You...and other assorted topics

My hopes of receding snow have been shattered over the past week. We've been getting a little new snow every day, and are now seeing a net gain instead of a net loss as I reported last week. Today the temperature has hovered around minus 7 all day, and it's a raw cold. Bleh.

We're going to try Lucy on anti-inflamatory analgesics for her arthritis. Besides having hip dysplasia, which we found out about last year when she had xrays before her knee ligament surgery, she has arthitis in her hocks and shoulders. She becomes distressed if we try to limit her activity by separating her from Gillis and Jasper, so we're going for maximum comfort and quality of life and allowing her to do whatever she's comfortable enough to do at the time. Once we get her more comfortable, we're going to look at a prescription diet to see if that helps. And thanks, Jan, for the Recovery SA suggestion...we'll try that too. Poor Lu, she was so stoic while Gord manipulated her joints and drew blood, but went neary hysterical when he was kind enough to clip her nails for me. What a ninny. Anyway, she's curled up on her nice new bed, having a snooze now.

Yesterday we took a drive to Sheridan Lake. I wonder why people who have vacation homes on lakes feel it necessary to put up cutesy signs at the end of their driveways announcing to the world who they are. Is it a prestige thing? We saw that the Burds had a sign "The Burds' Nest", and the Holmes had "Holmes away From Home" and when we saw the Leppers, I suggested to Mike that they could have been more creative and called their place "The Lepper Colony." It would probably keep unwanted visitors away.

We have seen three moose in the last week on Lone Butte - Horse Lake Road. That's the first we've seen since fall. I guess they're confident now that hunting season is long over.

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