Monday, February 26, 2007


Just in from toodling around on my snowshoes. The snow is about 20" deep in most can leave any time now. Enough already. I somewhat pointlessly washed my car in town today. It was dirty again by the time I got home, but it seemed like the thing to do at the time.
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Gordon said...

Hi Karen and Mike,

I am off work with flu right now and can't wait to get back ????

Anyway I just visited your blog again to catch up.

Glad to hear all is well and it looks like I too can see some grey stuff beneath the snow in your photo's so it shouldn't be too long now - right ?

Caroline was here last weekend from Whitehorse and believe me when I say your snow is shallow compared to hers. They are still minus 25 most nights. Just another excuse to cuddle up to something warm - eh !

We are all well and looking forward to our next trip, which is in April for one week to the UK for my nephews wedding in Glasgow.

Stay well, and warm and we'll "talk" again soon.

Gordon and Barbara. PS. Mike - why should you never interrupt a woman when she's talking. 'Cos she'll just start all over again.