Friday, February 02, 2007

Things Have Changed!

A year ago, the dogs & I had just arrived to join Mike here. How things have changed for us since we moved away from the city. And 99% of them are for the better. The downside is missing family and friends. But they're only five hours away, and we stay in touch by phone and of course online. And we get lots of visitors from the coast!

The upside...

Nature, lots of space, fresh air, no shortage of stuff to do, horse, donkey, no traffic woes, room for a garden, nice people everywhere, lots of birds, lots of deer and moose around, local lakes, free firewood forever, beautiful white winters, less rain than Vancouver - my list goes on and on.

And I like walking around in my nightgown, snow boots, big plaid quilted shirt and gloves when I go out to feed the boys in the morning. It's really quite glamorous.


Vic Grace said...

I identify with the nightgown thing. Also I like that I don't need curtains on the bedroom windows, so we can see the stars at night. And if anyone wants to walk through deep snow in the dark and stand on a stump or whatever and try to peer into our bedroom well they earned their peek not that there's much to see.

Karen & Mike said...

I'm looking forward to spring when I can update my look by substituting gumboots for snow boots with the nightgown. Tres chic, non?