Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Birds are on the Wing...but that's absurd...I Always Thought the Wings Were on the Bird

The birds are coming back! Today I saw a blackbird by Horse Lake, and yesterday I saw dozens of robins at the 108 Ranch, and a swallow by Lac ha Hache. Not much at Lone Butte yet, but we're higher and colder than other areas...but it won't be long. I saw mute swans overhead here yesterday. Dori said the hummingbirds will arrive about the time the ice comes off the lakes...around mid to late April.

I've been entertaining myself this afternoon deepening the small ditch we've made across the driveway to deal with the melting snow. Mike cut up a lot of windfalls this morning - I was going to do some burning this afternoon, but the wind has come up in a big way. Maybe tomorrow.

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