Friday, May 18, 2007

It's minus one degree here this morning, but in the greenhouse, it's six degrees, and all my plants are safe from frost. I have several tomato and pepper varieties, a zucchini plant, a watermelon plant, flat italian parsley, and a few other herbs in there.

In a raised outdoor bed, the peas are poking up through the soil, so it looks like planting them a little early was a good idea.

The birds are all busy here. Yesterday afternoon, Rupert had a cowbird perched on his rump. The hummingbirds are at the feeder almost constantly, and this morning I saw one investigating the red handle of the garden hydrant. A pair of tree swallows are setting up house in one of our nestboxes!

It's all good here in Lone Butte.


Vic Grace said...

Great to hear about your gardening exploits. We will wait until the end of May to plant as we are still getting frost. We are about 2500 feet above sea level here and the nights are still cold.

I want to plant chard and kale but haven't decided on what else yet.

By the way I have been tagged so will pass this dubious honour on to you, if you will, check out my site with regard to it

Cicero Sings said...

Hi fellow Cariboo-er! I've enjoyed looking over your blog and in the looking, discovered that we moved up within months of each other. We moved Dec 16, 2005 to the 108 Mile Ranch. We drive a Subaru too! Sounds like you work in the hospital ... I use to do payroll in an extended care facility. We looked for a couple of years for property and drove the whole area over ... including Inman road. Ended up buying a new house from and built by my brother-in-law. Do you know John the Butcher? He lives in your neck of the woods too.

Isn't living up here great? Don't miss the coast at all though we have to go down regularly to see my Mom who is in a home there ... actually we are down at the coast as I write this but can't wait to get back to my planting!

I have garlic coming up too and put the potatoes in before I left. Last year I only had potatoes. The big hail storm kind of stripped them prematurely but we still got enough to last us until February this year.

Anyway, look froward to checking in on your blog ... see how you are doing!

Paros Shepherd said...

Hi Karen and Mike,
I saw your names on Vic Grace's blog and had to click--we are Karin and Mike.
I am glad I did. We too, escaped to paradise. Yet we are much farther from our family home in Oregon.
I wish I was gardening vegetables rather than marketing vacations.
I do look forward to more Inman Road Chronicles.