Thursday, May 24, 2007

Still no pics...

The photos still won't upload.

I planted potatoes today. Jasper unplanted them shortly after. Jasper is a very, very, very, very bad dog. He left the leeks alone, though, which I should probably be grateful for.

Some of our tractor attachments got delivered this evening, the subsoiler should be here next week.

This afternoon after work, I puttered. I filled the bird feeders, did the aforementioned planting, and also put in some strawberries. I got out Alice, my trusty easy-start chainsaw, and cut up a spruce tree that blew down a couple of weeks ago. And then I grudgingly went inside and did mundane domestic chores.


Jennifer said...

Chicken wire is your friend... and Jasper's nemesis!

Cicero Sings said...

Don't I know about getting pictures uploaded! Try uploading at night ... seems to work a little better.

Yes, Jasper is a rascally dog. Our neighbour's dog likes to dig in our garden too ... but he is so old his attempts are quite feeble. I have put chicken wire frames (that we made for our square foot garden last year) around my fragile stuff ... until it can get going. Looks the pits but hey, if it works! We will eventually fence ... to keep deer, moose etc out. Yes, even on the 108 we have a young moose wandering through ... munching here and there. The mother use to be here too but she must have been killed.

Happy gardening ... we are off the garden shop today for a few more plants.