Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Getting There...

The shop is nearly assembled. We're forever in the debt of Bernie and Nadine for all their help and for the loan of equipment in getting the job done. There's still lots to do on it; tightening, electrical, insulation & the front, but the monster task of putting together every section with about 19 zillion nuts and bolts is almost complete. Would we recommend a metal building to anyone? No. Never. Not ever. However, when it's all done, it will be a great place for Mike to putter, and I'll have my garden shed all to myself!

The weather remains cool and unstable. We've had showers most days, and the only place we've had to water is inside the greenhouse. I'm liking these cool days...I don't do so well in extremely warm temperatures. I planted lettuce out the other day, and the potatoes are finally sprouting. We were a bit late getting them in.

Buck and Rupert are enjoying their expanded grazing space, and I'm pretty sure Rupert is going to slim down from all the walking he has to do following Buck around everywhere. They have an entourage of cowbirds who travel with them; Buck often has 2 or 3 hitchhiking on his back.

The chickadees have babies in their nest box, and last year's robins' nest is occupied. The hummingbirds are going through 500 mls of syrup every other day!

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Cicero Sings said...

Looks like it will be a lovely shed. Always wondered about those metal sheds ... now I know. But it should weather well!

I'm with you regarding the drama that is played on our doorstep everyday. We don't even have a T.V. All my single years I never had one (I've only been married not quite 3 years). My husband had one but we got rid of it. If we want to watch a DVD, we watch it on the computer ... and there are so few good ones out there!

I like the cooler weather myself.

Enjoy that garden shed ... wish I had one!