Sunday, June 03, 2007

In The Garden

Things are coming along nicely in the garden. The garlic is garlicking, and my tulips are finally in bloom, although I don't think they're liking this very warm weather. The swiss chard and carrots have sprouted too.

The tomatoes are looking good in the greenhouse! Yesterday I transplanted some basil seedlings into a greenhouse bed.

I've taken to watering things behind the house in the evening, and doing the front in the morning for well recovery purposes. We've had no indication of being short of water, but I think it's good to space things out.

Osteospurmums. I have a flat of petunias that I bought yesterday to pot up this evening. We're finally frost free at night, and should be till mid-August or so.

There is rain in the forecast for the coming week. I'm fervently hoping we get some...there has been only one semi-decent rainfall since the snow melted. Everything needs a good soaking; the forests are dry, there are fewer wildflowers this year, and the local hayfields are struggling.

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Cicero Sings said...


Your garden is looking good. I have some garlic growing too ... about 30 plants. We LOVE garlic. Next year more goes in. No potatoes? Mine are coming up nicely and I planted about 4 more hills today. A little late but we'll see ... may get a couple of taters off of them.

I'm envious of your greenhouse ... maybe one day we'll have one too.

I'm with you on the rain ... come, I say come! (Can you believe how quick our tune has changed since moving up here?) It is very dry isn't it? Now I see they've up the percentage to 60% pops for tomorrow.