Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Morning Walk

We are just in from an early morning walk down the field with all three dogs and the cat. Gilly managed well, and even ventured into the woods and negotiated some fallen trees. Jasper ran through the standing water getting disgustingly dirty. The dogs all gave Rupert a wide berth today; they had a minor run-in last week with donkey coming out victorious.

It's company season here in the Cariboo! Melissa and Chris visited last weekend; my mom and dad are with us now, Karen arrives this afternoon, and Dave and Jan are coming up in a couple of weeks, possibly with Kim. Jen will be home on vacation from Korea in late July and we hope Lee will come up too before he heads to Iceland.


Anonymous said...

I definately recommend a stay in the Cariboo!! Very much fun! Small world... just found out our friend's family has bought property at Deka lake!! Haha! Oh, FYI- the mexican-german sandwich was very, very good!


Anonymous said...

sadly, no Kim. Dave and Jan are coming up on the weekend that I'm hosting a party, so I can't come.


Karen & Mike said...

Darn! We were looking forward to seeing you. You must come soon!

Jennifer said...

Let's arrange a time to webcam with G&G while they're up visiting... tomorrow (friday) afternoon/evening good for you? It'll be Saturday morning, here. Much love to all,