Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sh*t happens to Gillis too.

Gillis had a stroke last night. He had three big seizures, and we spent the wee hours at the clinic with him. He has developed a major heart murmur and it seems very likely that a clot from the heart went to his brain. He was given some phenobarb and subcutaneous hydration, and the vet loaded me up with stuff to bring home in case he had further seizures. When we arrived home, he was nearly comatose and we laid him carefullly on his bed next to ours. We climbed into bed around 2 a.m., hoping for the best and fearing the worst.

When I woke at 5, I went around to Mike's side of the bed to check on Gilly, and found his bed empty. He was in the living room, walking around groggily. I took him outside for a pee, and he had a bit of trouble managing to come back up the porch stairs, but otherwise seemed okay. We all went back to bed till 8. This morning he's happy, quiet, a bit wobbly, he's drinking well and although he turned his nose up at breakfast, he's happy to accept hand fed Marrow Bones.

Please think good thoughts for Gilly.
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Cicero Sings said...

Now Gillis! Gilly looks like an old dear ... thinking good thoughts towards Gillis that he comes through okay.

Reading your earlier post on Gillis ... "Eau de salmon mort" I am very familiar with. Another sister-in-law had a Golden Retriever who relished that scent as well. Unfortunately, she knew her way to the river and thought nothing of an afternoon stroll away from home to get coated. One could come visiting only to be greeted by a very smelly dog, totally pleased with herself, very happy to see you and wanting to rub up against you to share the wealth. Mostly she was banned from riverside walks when spawning season was in full swing.

Anonymous said...

oh, the best of thoughts for Gillis!! I love you Gillis! Get well soon!


Jan said...

How sad for dear old Gillis. We send our love to him and everyone there. Hope Lucy has improved too.

Jan & Dave.

Jennifer said...

Was kind of speechless yesterday, & in no mood to post. But I love this dog like my brother so I hope he can pull through for even just a little longer. Hang in there boy.


Jennifer said...

How is Billy, today?