Friday, July 06, 2007

Right...back online after a hard drive failure and some problems with the evil NAV.

We've had the first tastes of things from the garden...a couple of zucchini (from in the greenhouse), some spinach, a few leaves of baby lettuce, rhubarb, and tons of italian parsley. The tomato and pepper plants are doing well in the greenhouse. Potatoes, leeks, carrots, onions, chard, and peas and cabbages and strawberries are all coming along nicely too. The garlic looks nothing short of spectacular; unfortunately I can't remember where I tucked my garlic "map" that tells me which varieties are where. I'm going to have to start a full scale search for it. Three months ago it seemed impossible that things would warm up enough in time to get any kind of garden established but things are doing well. The raised beds and greenhouse are going to have to move in the fall to make way for house construction next spring...we have plans to make a very large garden space for next year.

Gillis has made a remarkable recovery, and other than having a very minor limp and being slightly cranky sometimes, he's pretty much back to his usual self.


Cicero Sings said...

Good to see you are up and running again.

We've had a fee nibbles from our garden too. Green onions mainly, a radish or two and a few leaves of lettuce. Oh herbs ... our herbs are growing great guns and we love adding fresh herbs to salads and what not. Pretty soon I'll be able to eat a few fresh young beets ... I've a few almost ready. We don't have a green house.

Our gralic is looking lovely too. Be sure to nip those scapes off if you haven't already.

We want to put in an asparagus bed. I thought I'd at least get it dug this year as it is probably to late to plant the roots now (even if I could find any!).

Andrea said...

Hi there.. saw your comments..
My Husband and our family are thinking of moving to Lone Butte
how do you like it?
how are the people, town etc..
we breed horses and dogs down here on the coast..