Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Catching Up

Dawn on Saturday morning

Sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging, which is probably a very good thing.

Things are settling back to our usual state of being. Jen came up Friday for a quick last visit before returning to Korea. We took the Subaru to Kamloops Saturday morning to get the air conditioning repaired, but the part hadn't arrived. We amused ourselves at White Spot (breaky), Costco, test driving big Volvo trucks, and eating sushi before heading home. Sunday we did a quick peruse of the South Cariboo Garlic Festival and then toodled off up behind 150 Mile and McLeese Lake for the afternoon

Rupert is back with Buck and is all better. We won't be feeding him any hay until probably November in efforts to get some weight off of him. He'll have to make do with foraging a little.

Our last week's frost didn't do any damage to the garden. We had another frost the night before last.I'm not sure why lettuce can handle a bit of frost in the ground, but if it gets frozen in the fridge it turns to instant slime. The potato tops wilted, so I began pulling up potatoes; we have quite a healthy spud crop.

From the garden this week:

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Body Soul Spirit said...

Lettuce (and other greens) are a great spring and fall crops. I harvested arugula until December last year. Cool temperatures and light frosts just make them better. Make the best of the summer. There are plenty of days in the winter when blogging is all you can do.