Monday, August 27, 2007


Mike works close to 70 hours a week driving a truck. It's something he loves doing. Eight-hours-per-day trucking jobs are non-existant in this corner of the world, so he does what he has to do. As a company driver, someone else benefits from all those long hours that he's putting in. We've decided that if he's working that hard for that long, that it should be us coming out a little further ahead we're in the process of setting up a company and buying a truck ...details to unfold later.

Various and sundry to report...the front of the shop is underway. It's been cold and wet for the last few days. All creatures great and small are well. We've been pulling roots from next year's garden site. I've put away the hummingbird feeder for the year. I tossed the zucchini plant into the compost this afternoon. There's a total lunar eclipse happening in the wee hours of tomorrow morning that I won't be staying up for, although I may peek out the window if I wake in the night. The laundry is put away in it's entirety, and the dishwasher is empty. Wonders never cease around here!


Anonymous said...

We wish you all success in your new enterprise.

We very much doubt that we will See the eclipse.

All the Cedar is split and we will pack as much in as we can.

See you Tuesday. Love Mum and Dad

Cicero Sings said...

Looks like quite the truck. We wish you success and safety in your very own business!

I will not be staying up for the eclipse either.

Sounds like you have everything ship shape ... for the evening anyway. Haven't decided against the new digs I see, what with the new garden starting to take shape. I thought you might reconsider in the end ... get use to the downsized size. You two seem to have lots of vim and energy to tackle whatever ... new business, new house, new garden ... good on you. Guess I'm just too lazy. Sigh.

TTFN ... Ciceroo

Karen & Mike said...

Um, the new house may need to wait a year as we pour our energies into getting "the business" up and running...but it's not getting abandoned; I can't get used to having no room and nowhere to put anything.