Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Feeling Better

Mon petit donkey gris is feeling a little more comfy today. He's bearing a more weight on his sore foot, and getting around better. He's utterly unimpressed about his confinement, and with his limited rations. I gave him his medication in a very small bran mash, which he enjoyed immensely.

Buck wanders away to graze, but comes back frequently to hang out near Rupert. They're quite attached to each other, even though they put on a display of pretending otherwise.

I'm going to Lac la Hache this evening with Sam, our neighbour, who knows someone who is selling their horse trailer. It's old, and cheap, and if it's any good I'll probably buy it (once Mike gets a chance to see it). We don't need a trailer for routine use, but it would be a good thing to have in the event we needed to evacuate the boys due to a forest fire. We have a LOT of forest around us that could go up in flames at any time.

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Cicero Sings said...

Glad to hear old Rupert is doing better. I feel for him where the rations are concerned. Dieting is no fun!!

I hear you on the forest fire issue. My husband does fire weather forecasting for the Cariboo district in the summer ... so what is happening in the fire line is very in our face! All the dead pine ... tinder pure and simple. The 108 Lake and Sepa are SO low this year. Worrying, how the water tables have dropped. I'm happy for any rain we get. But the lightning (without much rain) sure can be problematic!

Lovely sunset pictures from last post!