Monday, September 03, 2007

Various and Sundry...

Between rain showers, we've finished the woodshed extension, worked some more on the new garden bed, done lots of "small scale" burning, and the front of the shop is almost done. Mike finished work on Friday, and will be home for a couple/few weeks checking things off the "Honey-Do" list. Then it'll be off to work in BC, AB, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Utah! I've just started two weeks vacation; it's so nice not to wake to an alarm clock. We have lots to accomplish in a short time.

Rupert was limping a bit yesterday; I gave him some bute which has worked wonders. He seems fine again today.

My parents arrive tomorrow for a quick hello and goodbye overnight visit, and Wednesday or Thursday we're likely off to Kamloops to do "truck business".

Our squirrel has moved away from the birdfeeder, and has been replaced by his smaller cousin "Chip" a tiny chipmunk who sits above the feeder (when the cat and dogs are inside) and screams abuse at any birds who dare perch to feed.

The garden is winding down. Some of the cherry tomatoes in the greenhouse have ripened, but none of the larger varieties have; a project this week will be to pick them, wrap them and store them in the dark to force ripening. Once they're ripe, a big batch of tomato sauce to can is on the agenda.

I think we'll light the woodstove tonight; mornings are getting very chilly.

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