Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Photos from an Autumn Afternoon

In comparison to last fall, things are much wetter. Today has been wet and windy, with some thunder just a few minutes ago. We are well prepared for the weather though, and are staying warm and cozy. Most nights we have the woodstove going. Mike will be heading out on Monday or Tuesday next week, so he'll be able to be here for Thanksgiving dinner, which we're doing on Sunday. In the meantime, he's busy doing chores in preparation for winter.

The rhubarb leaves are just about done for the year.- I found one lonely little lettuce that has survived!

The aspens are in full splendour now, and are just starting to lose their leaves in our area. In a few weeks, they'll be completely bare and will stay that way until may.

The truck blends right in with the fall colours. Here's the proud co-owner!
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Anonymous said...

Looks mighty perty Mickie!! Lookin' forward to seeing all the controls!