Sunday, October 28, 2007

An Unspectacular Time of Year

The fall leaves have gone, there's lots of mud in the cleared areas, and it's a grey and gloomy day here. Buck has been rolling in the mud and is filthy. The dogs don't want to be outside, but their feet are too muddy to come inside till they dry off on the porch for a while.

It's not grey and gloomy inside, however...the house is clean and tidy, and there are delicious aromas wafting into the computer room from the kitchen. Mike is sauteeing garlic, onion and spinach and adding feta cheese to make stuffed pork tenderloin. He arrived home from his travels on Wednesday. I left home in a near blizzard to pick him up in Kamloops...luckily the snow subsided by 59 Mile and then it was just wet. The truck is staying in Kamloops to have some warranty work done on it.

Friday afternoon I lit up two more slash piles, three down and seven to go, and yesterday we spent the morning burning up all the leftover stuff from the edges of the fires. I think we can manage to do another two by ourselves, and then will need the excavator to finish for us, as some of the piles are too close to trees to burn.

Nothing else noteworthy to report. I'm going to light a fire in the woodstove, and light a few candles to brighten up a dark afternoon.

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Vic Grace said...

We had a lovely morning here today but the wind was cold, they tell us we will probably have 10cm of snow overnight. We have had our woodstove on a month now and it certainly is cozy but the long dark days are tiresome. Hubby got out today and used the lawnmower to pick up what leaves he could as he hates to have soggy leaves everywhere in spring. I washed the solarium windows inside and out as now the sun is lower they looked absolutely awful this morning. I don't know if I improved them much, I hate washing windows.