Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Aftermath

The biggest windstorm we've ever experienced blew through here, starting late Sunday night and winding down around 4 pm yesterday. There are trees down everywhere, including our property. Here's a sampling. The power was only out here from about 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.; we were lucky, our friends only a few miles away lost their power before dawn yesterday and are still without. It was an incredibly wild day. I found out that we're not as prepared as we possibly could have been for being without electricity. Water for the horse & donkey could have been a problem had we remained without power...and do you think I could find a flashlight that worked? Of course not. Will remedy these issues. If there had been snow on the ground, it would have been easy to just shovel snow into their water tub, which is heated. There wasn't and fortunately I'd filled their tub with the hose just before the power went out. Luckily we have a gas stove, so stovetop use is easy. I would've plugged the fridge into the generator if we'd been powerless any longer, but didn't need to do that.

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Cicero Sings said...

Wow, just looked at your blog ... you were hard hit! When I lived in Abbotsford, I was without power for almost 2 days once, this time of year. Demmed cold it was ... I said then that if ever I got a house it would have a wood stove so that I could at least stay warm and heat up a can of beans. We are well supplied with candles. We have no animals to worry about.

Vic Grace said...

We must have just missed it. Not a flicker here. So sorry you have all that to clear up. Lots of extra work for you. I just heard that you are going soap making on Friday.Have a good time.

Ruth said...

What a lot of damage! You have so many trees around. From your pictures I gather that your home is not damaged.