Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Coming Home, Leaving Town, and Winding Down

Mike will be home tomorrow afternoon...and I'll be handing over charge of the farm to him Thursday morning for a couple of days while I make a quick trip south and back.

As it's winter, and there's very little going on here, and I can only post so many adorable equine and canine photos against snowy backdrops, the Inman Road Chronicles won't be published quite as frequently over the coming couple of months. Look for a post at least weekly, and definitely again before Christmas, but postings won't be quite as prolific as they have been recently.

Do check in, and try not to miss us too much!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I have just started to read your Blog and it has been so interesting and humourous. It always brings a little light to my husband and I. Being long retired we just don't get out much anymore so just the little tidbits about your animals and life on the farm will be very much missed by us. Plus, how will we know how Tucker is doing? Sincerely, retired in Vancouver.

Elaine said...

I will miss your regular postings -- they are fun to read, but sure understand you wanting to get out and about. Have a fun holiday season!

Karen & Mike said...

Awww, it's nice to be missed! Thanks for your visits and comment, Retired in Vancouver! I will still be around, just won't be posting every day or two at this time of the year...I enjoy blogging, but when there's nothing going on, it becomes a chore to try to post frequently, and anything in my world that starts feeling like a chore goes by the wayside unless it's necessary for life, limb, general hygiene or sanitation.

The focus of the IRC is around the development of our hobby farm, and around our ever expanding family of animals. I try not to make it a commentary of my life in general, and don't want it to turn into descriptions of grocery shopping or trips to the dentist, or what I watched on TV last night.

I promise to keep you abreast of how Tucker is doing, and he's doing great! He and Lucy are having a slight disagreement about his position in the doggy heirarchy.

Back soon!

(and thanks, Elaine, I shall be baking horse cookies on Sunday!)

Jennifer said...

Horse Cookies??

Anyway don't worry everyone... Mom will be back in the spring, I'm sure.