Friday, January 18, 2008


The nice thing about banking overtime at work is that now and then you get paid to stay home and have a nice day...and that's what I'm cheerfully doing today.

After a slight sleep in, I talked with Mike, who along with Tucker is in....Peculiar, Missouri. That's a weird (i.e. peculiar) name for a town! They're doing their mandatory reset; every eight days, or seventy hours of driving, whichever comes first, they have to take 36 hours off. They picked up a load in Texarkana, and are delivering to Kamloops probably on Tuesday.

But I digress...after some mandatory houseworky chores, I took a quick trip to the transfer station, and then picked up a couriered envelope in town at the local U-Brew. (Only in a small town will you find a U-Brew/Courier Depot/Oxygen Depot all in the same shop!...and by the way, CS, I saw a batch of your vino on the shelf there, it's looking a little cloudy!) After that, I treated myself to a vanilla latte at the Chartreuse Moose (100 Mile's answer to Starbucks), and got it in buy 10 get one free!

This afternoon has been devoted to making Rupert's house clean and tidy with a luxurious deep bed of shavings, scrubbing out the water tub, making a "wicked good" (as they say in the LLBean catalog) batch of ratatouille, and finishing the book I've had my nose in off and on all week. Not a very eventful day, but very pleasant.


Ruth said...

Mmmm...looks good. I needed today off, but it didn't happen. I got used to several short weeks around Christmas and now 5 days in a row is tiring!

Cicero Sings said...

Man, one can't get away with nothin'! We were in bottling wine at 11:00 ... you just about saw us in person!! That cloudy batch was just put on a couple of days ago.

We stopped at John the Butcher for eggs and bacon and a wee visit. They are off to Scotland in February for 2 weeks and will be closed! John's going home! Too bad they can't go for longer. Darn work anyway!

Then we saw Karen (kitchen shop) had enamel covered cast iron on sale 20% off. We've been looking at getting a casserole for ages so broke down and bought one.

You know its a small town when you spend half your day visiting with all the shop keepers!!!

We don't frequent the Chartreuse all that much ... though D's Mom and sister are frequently there .

That Ratatouille looks yummy .... did you see the movie Ratatouille? Fun.

TTFN ... Cic!

Mrs. Miles said...

Your recipe looks GOOD. I've never seen Ratt (gosh i won't even TRY to spell it) The ratstew, hows that? It looks YUMMY. I've wondered what it really looked like ever since seeing that cartoon movie out about it... Good movie too, cute. At any rate, is this your own recipe? Is it a typical recipe? I'd love to know how to make it! Thanks for sharing your day.

~ Barb