Thursday, February 21, 2008


I spent a wonderful hour outside last evening watching the earth's shadow slowly obscure the moon. The sky was clear, and the stars and planets were spectacular. The night sky in the country reveals many, many times the number of stars that can be seen in the city glare.

Willis/Amos/Cody is arriving next Monday...he will get his official name after we meet him. There's strong support for "Amos", but the "Cody" fans are phoning and emailing their preferences more than posting them here. Who knows, he may end up with another name entirely.

Mike will be home for the weekend! He has a load from Calgary that delivers in Coquitlam/Richmond on Monday, so he'll be detouring north from Cache Creek tomorrow afternoon.

The warming trend continues, and the ground is beginning to emerge in areas that have been plowed. There's no shortage of snow yet; in some areas it's still two feet deep. The willow branches are beginning to redden, another small sign that winter will be ending soon.


Ruth said... picture could substitute for actually watching that much light pollution here though to see many stars.

Weeping Sore said...

Hi, I found you via Cicero Sings and I'll be sure to check back to see your new family member and more.