Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I've had enough of grey, cold bleakness. I have. In our neck of the woods, this is the very yuckiest time of the year. There are little teasing hints of Spring here and there, but it won't arrive till late April/early May. The snow here is melting at a snail's pace, and that which has melted is sitting on the ground creating mud. That's sixteen muddy paws worth of stuff getting tracked inside.

Where the sun (which we haven't seen much of recently) doesn't get to, there's lots of treacherous ice. I almost fell about 10 times this afternoon. Currently I can't get to the hayshed without risking life and limb. My parents are coming up for a quick visit on the weekend, and I'm trying to clear enough ice so they don't break their necks. For some reason the tractor won't start, so I'm left with a pick and shovel. If I were short, I could be the eighth dwarf. And I'd need a new name...apparently Grumpy is already taken.


Amy said...

How about Frosty?

I thought the muddy boots of three kids was bad, but 16 muddy paws is far, far worse!!!

Cicero Sings said...

Sixteen muddy paws!!!

Yak Trax are the ticket for ice. They work the best of any of those boot add ons. But that ice is yucky ... and mud is yucky.

Hope you have a nice visit with Ma and Pa! Say Hi to Pa ... tell him next time at the coast I'm buying a camera! For sure!

Jean said...

You have my sympathy - I thought winter would never end down here; thank goodness spring is finally here in southern BC.

But never fear - winter WILL end there soon, and then you will have longer days and much drier weather than we will here.

I purchased some no-slip grippers from Lee Valley Tools - they are excellent (though I got the wrong size for my winter boots!!! Forgot I wouldn't be wearing ordinary shoes in the snow and ice around the barn! LOL).