Saturday, April 12, 2008

In The Garden..

The warmest temperatures of the year, and accompanying Chinook winds have changed the surrounding scenery here on an hourly basis today. The raised beds are almost completely clear of snow, and the rock garden is beginning to emerge. The new garden patch remains completely hidden though. There is water pooling on the driveway, and my homemade river is raging! At a glance, the property is still very white, but things are emerging hourly.

Rock cress (aubretia( ready to bloom in the rock garden! There are no sign of snowdrops yet.

Strawberry plant just unmulched to expose healthy green leaves.

My biggest surprise today was the survival and apparent thriving of the Italian parsley!

The Egyptian onions also made it through the winter. No hint of the garlic yet, but it won't be long before it shows itself.

Tomorrow is forecast to be a few degrees cooler, though still warm enough to do lots of melting. After that, it's back to +5/-5 temperatures for a while again.
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Cicero Sings said...

Wasn't it a marvelous day?! We went out on a 4 hour hike. I'm pooped!

I found some of my bulbs that I planted in the fall are up today (though barely). Wa-hoo!

Amy said...

The wind was gusting like crazy here, but even the wind was warm. I saw many people out walking in shorts and t-shirts! You must be so excited to finally see some signs of life in your garden.

Ruth said...

The Chinook phenomena has always fascinated me, even though I have never experienced it. So those are Egyptian onions. I brought some from Grandma's garden years ago and didn't know what they were called.