Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Various and Sundry things...

Toady Amos was neutered yesterday, and last evening was peaceful bliss as he slept off the lingering effects of anesthesia and analgesia. Today we are back to normal, except with me trying to keep him quiet and somewhat subdued. Um, it's not working very well. But I'm doing my best. Only four weeks till Mike assumes custody of the Toad, and my life returns to normal. Then I'll miss him to bits!

This afternoon while I was giving Buck and Rupert their hay, I looked at their heated water tub, and thought to myself, "Self, any time now you can put away the heated water tub, and replace it with the regular one. Spring is springing, and it's not that cold at night now. At worst, there will be a light skim of ice on the water in the morning. I'll put that on my to-do list for tomorrow." And in I came to look at the weather forecast online for affirmation that the nights are indeed not that cold anymore. Weekend lows are predicted to be minus 15. I give up. And I'm not switching water tubs till July.

In eleventh hour drama, on the way home from work, I reinsured both vehicles a whole 8 hours before their insurance expired. I may procrastinate, but I get things done eventually. I only procrastinate when things are going to cost money, however. Expecting nice refunds, I did our income tax returns and e-filed them as soon as every annoying T slip had arrived.

What else? The seeds I planted on Saturday that I neglected to report are sprouting nicely on the window sill. (Lee Valley couldn't make good on getting my grow lights to me before May) So far I have lettuce, radicchio, and cauliflower happening, and am waiting for the leeks, basil and rudbeckia to emerge.

No photos today; the camera needs charging.


Ruth said...

I think my income tax returns will be completed a generous 8 hours away from the deadline too. On time is on time, right?! Those weekend temperatures are way too cold.

Cicero Sings said...

The weather is so crazy isn't it? Remembering Monday, I dressed warmer (an added camisole) for our hike yesterday ... only to find I was too warm. I haven't started any seedling yet.

Amy said...

Wow, I can't believe how cold it can still be at night over there!