Friday, May 16, 2008

Home Again!

What a difference nearly three weeks makes! We left home with snow on the ground and no sign of Spring's imminent arrival, and returned home yesterday morning to find that summer has arrived! It is unseasonably warm, and the only thing that seems odd is that there are no leaves yet on the trees. Any day now they should be out. There are daffodils blooming here that were barely peeking up through the soil, and I have a gorgeous pasque flower in bloom. The hummingbirds are busy at the feeders, and the air is full of birdsong.

The big dogs were excited to see us come home, and Cody had a wonderful reunion with them. He spent about two hours zooming around at high speed, and I think he exhausted himself, as he's much quieter today. Jen looked after things for us while we were away, and had to be on her way south in the afternoon as she and Lee are going camping for the long weekend.

I spent a couple of hours early this morning doing some clover and dandelion removal from my flower garden, and Buck came out of the pasture to graze on some of our very prolific clover "lawn". Rupert was indignant at being left behind, but clover is too rich for him. (he's at risk to founder, which is laminitis of the feet caused by too rich of a diet; donkeys should eat quite a spartan diet).

I took a quick trip into town this morning to check out the Farmer's Market, and came home with two bags of seed potatoes, Yukon Gold and Nova Scotia Blue. Our major project for the coming week has to be enclosing the new veggie garden. The dogs have been romping and digging there, and I want to plant next weekend. Jasper won't survive another episode of eating all my carrots, either!


Cicero Sings said...

Glad to see you are home safe and sound!

Yes, things have changed over the last 3 weeks. Shoots are sprouting, leaves are popping, things are turning GREEN!!!! As for this heat wave ... I'll be glad to see it settle down just a tad ... clouds are to move in Sunday.

I was looking at those pasque flowers at the market today ... tempted but I held off. No flower bed ... yet!

So is it back to work for you on Tuesday?

Ruth said...

Three weeks gone already?! Time goes too fast. But spring is truly here.

Vic Grace said...

Welcome back. Spring is finally here and it is lovely weather although they announced possible frost tonight. Almost all the snow is gone and everything is shooting up fast.

You will notice that I am posting from my Blogger address.

Jean said...

Welcome home! I really enjoyed following your travels on the other blog.
It was hot, hot, hot here today - sucking the tons of moisture out of the ground so also very humid. Bugs galore, drawn also by the farmers spraying their liquid manure - peeee-eeeewwww!

Poor Rupert! I think he would like an apple since he can't have clover....spoil him a little for me! (I soooooo want a donkey!).

Amy said...

Welcome home and welcome spring!!