Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Catching Up

Sorry to leave you looking at an ugly wound for over a week! My rock garden is much prettier.

Life here is ticking along as it should...Buck is doing fine, and though he needs daily dressing changes, he has full mobility and is very comfortable. All the creatures are well

Mike will be home in a couple of days! He has been to Pennsylvania (or was it Ohio?), to Winnipeg, to Texas, then Minnesota, and will finally be delivering in Kelowna. He avoided the most severe weather and flooding in the midwest, but was within areas with tornado warnings for three consecutive days.

My parents have been here for the past week; the weather improved a little for a few days, but today we have relapsed to cold and wet. Late morning, the rain stopped long enough for us to go on an outing; we circumnavigated Green Lake, and had a pub lunch before coming home. We saw a ground squirrel, bluebirds, an eagle, a deer on our travels. This afternoon I went into town to the feed store and on the way home, a lovely red fox darted across Horse Lake Road in front of me!
More soon...hope all is well with you!


Cicero Sings said...

Ah, company! I was wondering what had become of you! Glad all is well. Your flowers are looking lovely.

Vic Grace said...

Your rock garden looks lovely. Mine is coming along well also but it needs weeding but there is a BIG male bear lurking and I don't want to go outside, even with my bear banger. He has been doing a lot of damage in the village although nothing here but still makes me nervous.

Ruth said...

I love rock gardens and have always wanted to create one. Yours is beautiful.

Amy said...

Your photo is giving me serious rock garden envy :)

We drove through your area twice in the past two weeks. Taking the Fishing Highway route to Kamloops is much more relaxing and scenic than Hwy. 97. Everything is so green right now with all the cool, wet weather. We were dreaming of taking the road through Deka, Sulphurous Lake (and lots of others I don't remember) but I wasn't too keen on driving gravel roads after my surgery :) Maybe later this summer we'll go exploring.

Glad to hear that Buck is recovering well!