Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pretty Things...

I meant to post these pics early last week, but got involved with horse nursing and forgot about them. Buck is doing well; he had his last shot of penicillin today, thank goodnes. He has gotten quite "needle shy", and gets antsy in anticipation of the injection. Nadine came by for the last two shots to hold him, it made a very big difference!

Molly hiding out under the weeping birch. She spends time here hoping for birds to land in the tree. Fortunately, they prefer a nearby spruce.

Heart-leafed arnica. They are very prolific here this year, and thrive in recently disturbed soil.

Early blue violets.

A slightly blurry fairyslipper orchid. They bloomed very late here this year due to the late, cold spring.

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Jean said...

I love the one of Molly! Nice to see spring has finally arrived there. We've had the flowers for a while, but sheesh I wish it would warm up a bit - I can't believe I'm still running the furnace in JUNE!