Sunday, November 16, 2008

On a Soggy Sunday ...

This morning was drippy, soggy, melty and foggy...a fine morning for a slight sleep-in, which meant waking at 6:30 a.m. instead of my usual 5:30. After the critter related chores I headed for the kitchen to bake a batch of very tasty pumpkin spice muffins.

Mid morning, I opened the front door expecting four damp dogs to rush in, only to see all of them wandering around happily together half way down the field. This is a first...since Rudy joined our family several months ago, Lucy has been somewhere between not very nice and downright nasty to him. There has been a subtle change of dynamics between them over the last couple of weeks, and today for the first time she let him join the pack without banning him to the periphery.

Once all the dogs were back in the house, I headed to Cache Creek to meet Mike for lunch...he is on his way to Surrey from Weyburne SK. The roads were wet, and there was some patchy fog...I headed for home by 2:30 to avoid driving in the dark. Cody was very happy to see me! (I think Mike was too.)

I'm going to light the woodstove, and hunker down for the evening.


Amy said...

It made my day when you mentioned my post inspired you to bake :)

Glad you made it home safely from Cache Creek. I hate driving at this time of year :(

Cicero Sings said...

Oh so soggy since coming home! Sigh. We've been hunkered down too, catching up on inside projects ... of which there seems to be no end.

Baked an apple/blueberry pie yesterday myself ... mmm.

Glad Lucy has lightened up a little ... let poor Rudy in to play!

Where did you go to eat in Cache Creek? We've tried a couple off places over the years but? When we go to the coast now we eat lunch at the Hope Drive-In both coming and going.

Vic Grace said...

It was very dark here yesterday but lovely today. It is meant to be nice tomorrow so probably will go to Houston but then the weather gets bad again. We are off to Mexico in early February.

Anonymous said...

very very happy!!!!

Ruth said...

I like your definition of sleeping in. That's me too. I wish I could sleep longer on weekends.