Monday, December 15, 2008

Into the Deep Freeze

The weather turned to winter late last week, and today we are into the -30's. On Friday, we had steady snow all day, accumulating about 6". The winds kicked up overnight, and we woke Saturday morning to 2' snowdrifts, and a winter wonderland. We woke this morning to -36C.

We are staying inside a lot in this extreme cold. The dogs venture out to do their business, but are ready to come back inside after a couple of minutes...too chilly for their feet. Buck is unperturbed by the cold, but Rupert isn't impressed with the extreme days of winter. On Saturday morning half of Rupert's pen was chest deep in drifted snow (keep in mind that Rupert's chest isn't that far from the ground). Mike scraped it all with the tractor, making getting around a lot easier.

Mike spent a couple of very cold hours yesterday afternoon plowing the driveway, around the house and creating easy access to feed Buck and Rupert.

Our woodstove is going around the clock, and things are warm and cozy inside.

The camera has been found and charged...I will get Mike to take some outdoor photos's just becoming light when I leave for work, and it's twilight as I make my way home.


Cicero Sings said...

D had to shovel us out this morning! Pretty demmed cold! We went to town in the afternoon ... last day for early bird ski passes!!! Got our turkey and started to stock up on a few other supplies for Christmas.

You know it is cold when your nose hairs crinkle!!!

Ruth said...

Buck and Rupert must be eating more to keep warm. I have to comment on this as well...
You know it is cold when your nose hairs crinkle!!!

I have often wondered how to describe that feeling, lol!

Jean said...

Okay, I will stop complaining about the minus twenty wind chill factor we have been experiencing down here in my little neck of the woods. Brrrrrrrr!
Stay warm, and tell Rupert to take a page from Martin (my alpaca's) book - he has, for the first time since I've known him (three years) buried himself in the straw!

Chrisss said...

It's not -30 here but it's certainly cold and we're getting another 10-15 cm of snow tonight. A white Christmas for sure. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see some animal pictures. Merry Christmas as well to you all. We are snowed in and housebound. RinV