Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Sunday Drive

Last Sunday, Mike and I took a drive to Chasm, then home by way of Green Lake.  We visited with the horses on winter pasture near Watch Lake,
and said hello to some cows at Chasm.  The trees in the Chasm area were breathtakingly beautiful, with layer after layer of hoar frost flocking them.

There had been no fresh snow for a couple of weeks, but the conditions had been perfect to create a winter wonderland.  


Cicero Sings said...

Sunday was the day we drove south and I oohed and aahed all the way to Clinton! For a good stretch there, one side of the freeway was boring and the other spectacular. Unfortunately, D was on a mission so there was no stopping for photos. Huge sigh.

Jennifer said...

The depth, colour, light & shadow in the pic of the horses is awesome!!

Vic Grace said...

Fabulous shot of those horses such lovely colour. I will think of you tomorrow. We leave at 5 am so will be close your place around noon so will send you good thoughts as we fly by.