Thursday, July 02, 2009

It's not all a bed of roses, living in the Cariboo. We had a severe killing frost on the night of June 30th, and the contents of my greenhouse have been more or less wiped out. My zucchini, tomotaoes, beans, and basil are done. The potato bed isn't looking good, but I think they may come around.

The mosquitoes this year are horrible. I hate bug dope and coils, but it's either that or don't go outside. I keep a coil burning outside the front door to keep the little buggers away...I killed about 30 of them in our bedroom today. Thank goodness for screens, or it would be worse.

On the bright side, I went for a nice ride on Buck yesterday morning...the first since 2007. I didn't get to ride at all last year because of his injury. His leg has a fair bit of scar tissue and always looks a little swollen, but he is sound and comfortable. He was as well behaved as if I'd ridden him the previous day. He's a very good horse.


Jean said...

How well I remember those summer killing frosts and the hoards of mosquitoes from my days in the north. I'm sorry you lost your veggies - what a bummer.

When I lived in the NWT, virtually everyone in my community wore "bug jackets", with the hoodies up over our heads, to prevent the little buggas getting to us. They were by far the most effective deterent even if we'd never make the cover of Vogue!

But no matter how thoroughly I searched out the ones in my bedroom, I could never get that last one who repeatedly dive bombed my ears as soon as the lights were out and my head touched the pillow. Good luck with that!

Berni said...

You said it living in the north does have it challenges but at least we never have traffic jams, most of the time the highway is empty.

Cicero Sings said...

Sorry about the greenhouse contents! I would have been devastated. My garden seemed to have survived our absence okay.

As I said on Facebook ... be bought one of them fancy dancy mosquito killing machines ... and it works ... if you are willing to pay the bucks.

Weeping Sore said...

Yikes - killing freeze on June 30! We all have to endure horticultural hardships, but seeing your sprouting warm season veggies cut down so cruelly must be daunting.
I guess I should shut up about the mosquitoes. What a summer bummer. I'm reminded of camping trips in my younger days when we spent the whole time in the kitchen tent trying to avoid being eaten alive by biting bugs.

Anonymous said...

Sure miss your blogs. Guess you are just too busy. RinV