Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer is Slipping By...

Early mornings this week have hinted that fall is most definitely on its way to Lone Butte. The dawn air is chilly and moist; a flannel workshirt is required over my nightgown when I first venture outside. A few willows are starting to turn yellow.

After almost two weeks of intense heat, things have cooled down dramatically. Tonight we have rain accompanied by distant thunder. Forest fires have blazed to the northwest, southwest, and southeast of us, but our immediate area has been untouched since early in the season. I woke in the wee hours of Saturday morning to a strong odor of smoke, sure that there was a fire very locally. There was nothing in the vacinity, it turns out that much of the province was shrouded in smoke all day.

All the critters are well...Rupert has had his annual bout of August lameness. Every year he gets sore for a few days; we treat him with rest and painkillers. After a few days of confinement (which he complains about at full volume), he's fine again.

One pot of cherry tomatoes survive the frost at the end of June, and I've been waiting to be able to pick some. They're always just about, but not quite ripe when I go to pick them...yesterday I found out why...I caught Rudy in the greenhouse, blithely helping himself to ripe tomatoes off the vine!

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Jean said...

I'm glad Rupert is fine again. Now I know what those donkey noises were that I could hear all the way to Vancouver Island!