Monday, September 27, 2010

Second Annual Note to Self

Because I can never remember what I planted where the previous year: Garlic is planted as follows in alphabetical order:  Rows 1&2 Bogatyr, Rows 3&4 Georgian Fire, Rows 5&6 Polish Hardneck and the rest are Yugoslavian.  Each year I'm planting fewer varieties. The first couple of years I went a bit crazy with planting zillions of varieties, but in all honesty they all taste pretty much the same to us.  Some are a bit milder than others, but I don't think I have it in me to be a garlic gourmand.

All done.  I planted the garlic after work today;  it is an especially lovely afternoon, mild and breezy, and the apsens are at their stunning golden best everywhere.  Yesterday I dug and weeded all the raised beds, except for the herb and flower one, which is too full of stuff to tackle just yet.  Then I got out the tractor and scooped a couple of buckets of composted manure from last winter's pile (thanks, Buck and Rupert!) and added that to the raised beds.  They can sit now for the winter, and in the spring will just need a quick dig to loosen up the soil again.

Critter update coming soon, RinV!

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Can't comment on your new blog again. RinV