Monday, October 11, 2010

A Thanksgiving Offering

We had some chores to do in the chicken house today; Mike installed a heatlamp to keep the girls cozy in the coming cold weather, and we hung their feeder from the ceiling and raised their water container higher from the ground in an effort to keep shavings out of it. We had shooed them all outside while we worked. I was doing a routine clean, and found these dear little eggs in their nest boxes...haven't checked for a few days, and wasn't expecting any eggs quite yet, as they're not even four months old yet. The first eggs are about half the size that the girls will eventually lay. A lovely surprise for Thanksgiving!
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Jean said...

What a nice surprise. And I love the photo too.
Enjoy your eggs!

Anonymous said...

The beautiful house in your album, is that your dream house or do you already own it. RinV

Kas said...

I really like your blog and admire what you are doing at your place. Look forward to my own chickens again since I was a little girl.

Would love to follow your blog but was unable to find the widget to use??

My blog is

Judy MacKinnon said...

Happy New Year Karen, Mike, your family and critters!
I click onto your blog every day hoping to get a new letter from home. I really do miss them. I hope everything is alright on Inman Road.

Anonymous said...

Its time for a post. Those eggs must baby chicks by now. RinV

Domenic said...
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